I travel the world inspiring people to authentically connect as a global keynote speaker on the topic of Human Connection.
As a former international broadcaster for one and half decades, it was my job to connect authentically on-air, on-stage, online and one-to-one with people. I now feel so blessed to speak to organisations around the world on the connection techniques that authentically bring us together.
To date, I have spoken my message for: Salesforce, UBS, Rubrik, Acronis, DBS, Google, Ted X, Great Eastern, AIA, Eurochem, Manulife, The United Nations, Salesforce and many more.
I have a Communications and Cultural Studies degree from Curtin University of Technology and have studied speechwriting in London under Tony Blair’s former speechwriter, Phillip Collins.
Prior to being based in Singapore, I lived in Switzerland, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. This journey required me to develop deep intercultural understandings which have allowed me to communicate and connect with a wide variety of people.
I have been been featured in and worked as a broadcaster for; Channel News Asia, CNBC, CNN, Virgin Radio Dubai, HBO Asia, Southern Cross Austereo, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, Elle and many more.
I use my growing online social media community of over 100, 000 to spread the message of connection and communication.



Learn from an experienced expert who actually works as a global professional speaker and broadcaster.

Simone Heng has spoken at The United Nations, Google, Tedx and been on air for HBO, CNBC, CNN and Virgin Radio.




  • Standing on a stage and your message land in the right way
  • Feeling completely relaxed accepting a role which involves presenting at work
  • Opening your mouth in front of a new group of people and having what you want to say come out of your mouth in the exact way you imagined it in your head
  • Engaging your audience from the word "go" and for hours after
  • Connecting with people memorably and profoundly from the first meeting
  • Sitting down to craft any message and knowing the exact order to piece it together in 
  • Waking up to messages from people wanting to work with you because you have a personal brand which truly connects with people
  • Being able to shoot video content with ease and not messing around take after take
  • Hosting on video conference with complete confidence that everyone on the call is engaged

Learn the techniques to make all of these things a reality with professional speaker and former broadcaster Simone Heng.


  • Monthly webinars where you can be inspired and can ask your speaking and personal branding questions

  • Access to Simone for your questions

  • A supportive and exclusive community to keep you committed to becoming the best speaker you can be

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Regardless what timezone you live in, you'll be able to enjoy the webinars from Courageous Speaking.
On the last Sunday of every month at 9PM SGT the webinar will go LIVE in our *members only* Facebook group.
It will stay there for the whole month for you to watch and access at your own convenience.
You can ask your questions under the videos and Simone will answer them throughout the month. The webinar is taken down one minute before the following month's webinar.


In monthly hour-long webinars, you will learn speaking tips that will transform you into a better speaker than you ever imagined.


Courageous Speaking community members get access to Simone
for answers to their speaking and personal branding questions.


Get access to a private group
where you can connect to a
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"I carried a lot of shame, fear, and guilt, that came from my repressive upbringing in South East Asia. Like most women, I suffered from low self-esteem. As a result, I had lost my voice, and I lost myself. I have a burning desire to tell my stories and inspire others. So, I took the plunge and hired her to be my Communication Coach. First session alone, I was blown away from her ability. Her gentle yet stern push to get me out of my shy, comfort zone cracked me open. Her sharp, intuitive senses knew where I could potentially go even before I know it myself. I've been high on the inspired path, completely flooded with ideas. I've created tons of content for my future website since! The training with Simone is now so helpful in the way I communicate authentically in my voice and to express what I truly mean. I 1000% recommend Simone for finding your voice, your core message, and your personal branding. Simone encourages you to be you, she'll help you find your true personality and bring that light out to let you shine. She coaches from a non-judgemental place and with so much compassion. She just wants to see you WIN! Thanks Simone for all you do. You're simply the greatest!"

Jessie Chiang
Empowerment and Mindset Coach / Founder of The Soul Clean Company

"In the first session alone, Simone pointed out all my strengths that I failed to see. I did not expect to be doing such deep work together, but now realise the importance of getting to know myself so that it can be translated into my personal branding."

Grace Yeo
Founder of Raikii / Emcee

"In a world where most can explain “A + B = X” Simone was able define and rationalise the variables. But the real difference was her ability to find the missing variables which differentiate her from all others. "

Chi Man Kwan
CEO and Founder of Raffles Group

"I saw Simone online actually DOING IT, actively being a professional speaker and that's why I wanted to work with her! She’s not only a speaking coach, but she’s making me dream bigger and better! "

Montrece Ransom

"Simone’s authentic and engaging coaching provided me with valuable insights from her industry experiences, and her passion and dedication flows through into her coaching. Her positive influence and encouragement through the development of self confidence is truly empowering."

Natalie Leonard
Personal Assistant to General Manager

"I reached out to Simone when my life was out of balance, torn between career choices, family, cultural and social expectations, I was lost not knowing who I am, where I want to go and what am I really supposed to do in this world. The exercises she went through got me out of my comfort zone which helped me recognise my blocks and the advice she gave was so practicable. Something I was never able to work though with my counselors and mentors. "

Rakhi Mahbuba
Actress / Model / Structural Engineer


This is the ultimate membership for growing both your literal and metaphorical voice. One-on-one coaching with Simone is normally $1000 per hour. You're getting at least 12 hours across the year. That's minimum $12,000 value for JUST US$15 a month, US$180 a year. That's right. Change your life for less than the price of a can of coke a day.